The art of Rina Bakis reflects her fascination with colour and movement. Having lived in different continents and studying art and architecture provided a geometrical and spatial element to her artistic style. Rina has recurring shapes and techniques in her paintings. She uses washes of bold colour, merging form, line and hue into each other with dynamic compositions. She looks into her surroundings absorbed by her intuition and lets her imagination work. She always works on several canvasses at the same time. Whilst she depicts infinity and space, her work also represents limitless thoughts. It is the interpretation of internal and external energy.

Rina believes that there is an underlying simple structure behind our limited perception of the universe. According to her, what we see is not what really is. Therefore, art affects everyone and serves all of us as a universal language. The end result of Rina's paintings reveal a harmony of colour and texture, that although abstract, have definite forms, shapes and figures.