The art of Rina Bakis reflects her fascination with colour and movement. Having lived in different continents and studying art and architecture provided a geometrical and spacial element to her artistic style. She merges form, line and hue into each other with dynamic composition, creating circular and linear movements, which depict energy and space.

Rina believes that the visual dynamism is a natural evolution of art trends and that colour talks and expresses itself. Her colours often spread around and have many dimensions. As technology and science hurtle everybody forward, she believes that her art should do more than reflect the surroundings: it should go beyond. She also believes that art is to be appreciated for its beauty and not because it is a trend.

She experiences with layers of colors and works on several canvasses at the same time. Her circular and linear lines build up simultaneously and then dissolve by giving place to new shapes. They come to life by taking the paint off and reapplying. The result is a harmony of color and texture, revealing paintings of depth that although abstract, have definite forms, shapes and figures.